Quarterly - News August 2016

Allow the current issue of the AFT Quarterly to take you inside the think tanks of the world of food technology and to introduce you to innovative solutions and research projects.

Rapidojet high-pressure hydration


A good solution here is to use the high-pressure moistening mixer “Rapidojet”.

The mode of operation of the patented method is amazingly simple – dry material is conveyed continuously into a vertical mixing tube (volumetrically or gravimetrically) by a dosing unit. There it is isolated in free fall after colliding with a deflector plate.

The liquid is ejected at high speed (250 – 500 km/h) through a high-pressure nozzle and broken down into tiny water drop-lets that meet the free-falling dry materials in the air.

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Oil-free air from High Speed Turbo compressors


Not only are most industries heavily reliant on compressed air but its use is also diversifying. This is also true for the food and beverage industries.

Here the compressed air must be ex-ceptionally clean, because it may get in contact with the products. The new High Speed Turbo technology (HST) from BOGE operates absolutely oil-free.

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Habasit Cleanline®: A New and Improved Generation


As the world's leading belt supplier, Habasit is well-aware of the intricacies of the food industry. Seventy years of experience has now come to fruition in a new and improved product.

Introducing, Habasit Cleanline® Generation II.

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U.S. Food Industry Forecast to Grow Through 2022


U.S. Food Industry Forecast to Grow Through 2022

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Honey-ProfilingTM: An innovative method for the analysis of honey authenticity and quality

Bruker BioSpin

In a context where fraud on honey is increasing using more and more sophisticated methods, the need for holistic, non-targeted analytical approaches has emerged.

Complaints concern mainly the addition of sugar syrups or wrong labeling of origin. The latest is usually detected with pollen analysis.

On the other hand, the adulteration of honey with plant-derived sugar syrups is difficult to prove.

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MUSE-Tech: Multi Sensor Technology for management of food processes


MUSE-Tech is a FP7 collaborative, large-scale integrating project focused on the industrial application of sensors for food processing operations.

The main objective of MUSE-Tech is to bridge the gap between state of the art sensing technologies and industrial Process Analytical Technology (PAT) applications in the food industry.

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CSIRO: Australian innovations for the food industry


CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, is Australia’s national research agency and is celebrating a century of innovations that have made a difference to people, industry and the planet.

Our innovations contribute billions of dollars to the Australian economy – and others around the world - every year.

As the largest patent holder in Australia, our vast wealth of intellectual property has led to more than 150 spin-off companies. WiFi, polymer banknotes and the Total Wellbeing Diet are just some of our better known inventions.

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