Quarterly - News June 2016

Everybody is talking about the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). This will also raise the interaction between humans and robots to a new level.

However, this is only one of the exciting topics from the innovative world of food technology that we have prepared for you.

We hope you will enjoy reading the selection of articles in this issue.

Translucent chewing gum coatings with ISOMALT

Translucent chewing gum coating

The market for sugar-free chewing gum is stagnating in Europe. New ideas and creative concepts are scarce, but these are precisely what could inspire the market.

BENEO, one of the world's leading producers of functional ingredients, recently launched a coating technology for chewing gum lozenges that opens up new creative possibilities.

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Highly sensitive real-time PCR detection of neurotoxin-forming Clostridia in foods

Biotecon quick method for specific analyses

Botulism is a potentially fatal disease that is caused by the botulinum toxin, the most toxic naturally occurring substance.

There is a need for quick methods for specific analyses in the food sector. That is why a new, more specific and faster method for detecting the neurotoxins was developed. Detection is carried out via molecular biological processes using real-time PCR.

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Virtual door to save energy costs:
Enershield air barriers for sealing premises efficiently

Enershield air barrier

Sustainability and energy management are issues that are of ever growing concern for com-panies in the food industry. It is widely known that a lot of energy is lost in the form of heat or cold around doors and gates that separate areas with different temperature levels.

Enershield, a leading manufacturer of air barrier systems, offers mature, energy-optimised technologies for maintaining thermal levels and hygienic conditions.

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Revolutionizing the dehydration industry

EnWave dehydration machine

A Canadian processing technology company, EnWave Corporation, has developed proprietary industrial-scale dehydration machinery that provides food processing companies with the opportunity to develop new high-quality, innovative, shelf-stable products and ingredients.

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FieldFOOD: Integration of Pulsed electric fields in food pro-cessing


FieldFOOD is a EC Horizon 2020 Innovation Action concerned within the real-scale demon-strations of the viability of the introduction of the Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology in the food industry.

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French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) celebrates 70 years of research and innovation


NRA is a multi-disciplinary institute which develops skills in the fields of biosciences, environmental and life sciences, but also in engineering, mathematics and applied information sciences as well as in social and economics sciences. INRA’s society-driven vision leads to its involvement in key global challenges.

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No industry is more dynamic: Requirements for robot-based automation

KUKA LBR iiwa lightweight robot

Robots will play a key role in Industry 4.0. Even today they are the most flexible element of the production process, collecting production data and supplying them to IT systems. Robots are the link that connects production and IT systems.

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