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03-20 - 2018-03-23
at 10:00 - 16:30
Meeting Points/Forums
Food Processing
Via Brancaccio 11
84018 Scafati
+39 0818509368
+39 0818565168

Here, the event will take place:


The cutting machine is able to core and cut apple and peach in chips/rings. All parts in touch with the fruit are suitable for hygienic and alimentary purposes. The machine has a stainless steel structure. The structure is composed of welded tubulars and is on wheels for easy moving. It is composed of a rotating plate with 8 working stations for fruit. Above the plate at the opposite side from the loading site the mechanisms for the three operations are placed.

The plate where fruit are placed turns step by step: when the plate stops, the three operations occur. The operator loads the fruit and the three mechanisms carry out the operations of coring, pushing and cutting. The first mechanism is composed of a structure up / down with a pneumatic piston that allows the rotating core-tube powered by a three phase electric motor to core the fruit. The core-tube sizes are interchangeable. The second mechanism allows fruit pushing on the third mechanism composed of a rounding plate able to slice fruit in chips/rings.

The machine is equipped with:

- no. 01 Slide for waste, in stainless steel;


- no. 01 Conveyor/Elevator belt for product has a structure in stainless steel and the following dimensions: Width 300 mm (12 in); Length 2500 mm (98 in). 1513247767.8414.jpg1513247795.1525.jpg