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Marino S.R.L.

Via Nazionale Appia 81
+39 0823809352
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Our ferments are the result of thirty years of research and development carried out in the milk sector.

Particularly dedicated to the development of new dairy technologies and the improvement of production processes, the "Marino Technology" division is made up of a team of professionals with many years of experience, specialists in the transfer of advanced production technologies for all products in the sector milk and dairy products (fermented milk, yogurt, mozzarella, pizza-cheese, soft and hard cheeses), which have made it a point of reference in the dairy industry in Europe and in the world.

The activity of study and selection of native bacterial strains of the Marino Technology R & D center, is such as to propose a mix of personalized starter for individual customers.

Lactic Ferments

Our cultivations of lactic ferments consist of stocks specifically selected and extensively tested and used. The commercial preparation in freeze-dried form stands out for the high concentration of cells and therefore it is particularly suitable for direct inoculation in the milk. The technological quality of our cultivations is represented by a quick fermentation activity, a strong aromatizing power and high resistance to lysogenic infection. The use of our cultivations guarantees high quality of the products obtained and in particular it ensures the characteristics and repeatability in time. The long experience in use, the accurate preparation and systematic analytical checks offer total reliability to the user. The use of our cultivations is always supported by our technical service, which is particularly sensitive and careful to the quality of clients' finished products. Try a new flavour.