Meeting Points/Forums

The forums that accompany the trade fair, which each comprise of three or four specific lectures, were staged again. They are a fixed part of the programme for many of the Anuga FoodTec visitors.

The forums - this time with three focuses - offered the opportunity to discuss current and international themes with experts.

Resource Efficiency was the main theme of Anuga FoodTec 2018. The growing demand for commodities and energy sources worldwide and the increasing urbanisation are compelling us to review our present behaviour and economic activity.
Careful and at the same time efficient management of natural resources was the key competence of sustainable societies - societies that are fit for the future.
The exhibitors presented a range of solutions showing how competitiveness can be strengthened and how the use of energy and water as well as food losses during production can be reduced. In addition the many contributions to the Resource Efficiency Forum will examine the topic from different perspectives.

All dates forum resource efficiency

This Forum running from Tuesday to Friday offered you lively presentations and panel discussions on topics of current interest to the food industry: Food authenticity, MAP packaging and leak testing, Genome Editing, Technology of food foams, Safe Production of raw meat products, and many more.

All dates forum „Topics, Trends, Technologies”

At the Food Ingredients Forum from Tuesday to Friday you could expect lively presentations and panel discussions on topical issues such as Clean Label, Personalised Nutrition, Texture Design and Enzymes in Food Production, as well as on extracting, functionalising and stabilising ingredients.

All dates forum Food Ingredients

Impressions Meeting Points/Forums 2018