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The exhibitors of Anuga FoodTec have the right answer for every question and the right solution for every problem.

The exhibitors offer the entire offer of products available worldwide for the production, filling, packing and storage of food and beverages - from the smallest technical sophistication through to the largest machines and systems.

And it expands more and more: More exhibitors, more visitors and more solutions - on even more exhibition space!

The main themes at a glance:

Avoid unplanned downtimes, identify problem cases, analyse data: The fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0 - faces the food and beverage industry with major challenges. The machinery has to be increasingly efficient, reliable, flexible and intelligent. Connected sensors, the digital evaluation of machine data and the use of mathematic models provide information about the entire production process. Technical potentials to optimise and improve efficiency can be recorded and saving potentials achieved. Products can be produced precisely to meet the specifications demanded by the customer.

The exhibitors of Anuga FoodTec offer technological solutions for the further development of the production of food and beverages. This creates totally new competitive advantages.

Efficient and economical filling and packing processes require a high degree of automation and at the same time the highest demands in the functional safety of the machines and systems. For the manufacturers of food and beverages it is about finding the balance between safety, automation and economic efficiency. The digital transformation offers big opportunities particularly in the packing and filling sector and this changes everything: Supply chain management, optimised throughput times, minimised error rates and absolute product safety and the highest precision as well as the implementation of innovative packing materials are just some of the important issues.

At Anuga FoodTec the food and beverage industry is looking for development partners to optimise filling and packing processes, save resources and guarantee the product quality.

The food and beverage industry is characterised by a high cost sensitivity and mass production, whilst innovative packing and a growing variety of tastes as well as increasing consumer expectations are determining the market more and more. The digitalisation offers the food and beverage industry many new opportunities to fulfil these demands and the customer's requirements and to individualise products.

Digital technologies offer optimised processes and a higher product efficiency across the entire value chain. The processes and workflows can be optimally aligned. This creates a constant high product quality, more sustainability and a more flexible work organisation. Competitive advantages that also drive the food and beverage industry.

Whether the IoT as a source of ideas, 3D printers for individual products, ERP systems for controlling business processes, virtual reality as a computer-generated reality with images, IT safety for the protection of the entire production plant, artificial intelligence for mechanical learning, blockchain solutions for traceability, big data for the processing and evaluation of huge volumes of data...

...Anuga FoodTec provides the answers and demonstrates how the digital transformation of the SMEs and multinationals can be designed in concrete form and how the processes can be interlinked.

Increase earnings, increase productivity, minimise safety risks, optimise resource management, improve the load of machines and systems:

The food and beverage manufacturers are facing major challenges and have to sort out and control ever increasingly complex processes parallel to each other today. While at the same time dealing with ever shorter product cycles and the increased diversity of variants.

A high degree of efficiency, flexibility and economic efficiency can be achieved and all demands satisfied using innovative automation systems. Innovative technologies save time and spare the employees repetitive tasks, the time can be invested in more important tasks, this in turn increases the competitiveness.

On the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution: The digitalisation is now following the automation.

The manufacturers of food and beverages can find everything to do with the automation and digitalisation of the production at Anuga FoodTec - all in one.

The productivity demands within the food and beverage industry are increasing continually. A growing variety of products and constant new packing solutions are challenging the intralogistics divisions of the companies. Intelligent, flexible and scalable solutions are required for the optimisation of the internal material flows - from the procurement, to the production, through to the dispatch. The handling has to be economical.

Digitalisation, the interconnection of people and machines, artificial intelligence and big data offer in the scope of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things totally new opportunities of optimising the logistic processes within the companies and increasing the productivity and added value. With the aid of intelligent and smart IT solutions, the systems grow together and open up a huge potential for time saving, energy efficiency and production safety.

The exhibitors of Anuga FoodTec will present the important technologies and solutions for intralogistical processes. Knowledge transfer from one source.

Food safety is one of the most urgent tasks of consumer protection. Food safety is thus one of the most important themes of the food industry in order to minimise risks. Food and beverages that don't comply with the legal requirements for hygiene, residues or labelling have to be taken off the market - with all respective consequences. In the face of global commodity flows, changing standards and the constant further development of products, guaranteeing food safety has become an ongoing task.

Continually improved analysis methods with a high degree of automation facilitate the analytics of numerous parameters in the highest quality. Beginning with the chemical/physical process, through to the sensory tests and microbiological examinations. The laboratory analytics is the innovation driver for research and development within the food industry.

The suppliers of concepts and solutions for food safety and for laboratory and analysis technologies will demonstrate at Anuga FoodTec the latest processes that are available on the market and how high product safety can be guaranteed despite increasingly faster production processes.

The food industry is one of the largest industrial energy consumers. Due to the energy-intensive production processes, the energy costs in the food industry contribute significantly towards the cost of the final product. Whether with electricity, process heating, heating and district heating, cogeneration or trigeneration plants, cooling or compressed air: The provision has to go hand in hand with the highest supply reliability so that the industry's demand for high quality can be guaranteed. At the same time, the manufacturers of food and beverages are increasingly focusing on their own CO² balances. For an environmental-friendly, economic and sustainable energy management.

Corporate environmental protection is also an essential issue for the companies of the food industry. It is long since no longer just about complying with the legal requirements for the protection of humans, nature and the environment, but also about discovering and implementing attractive advantages. Whether waste water treatment and processing, waste disposal, air purification technologies or emission control: The aim of the food industry is to find strategies and technologies for implementing resources in intelligent cycles so that they remain intact long-term - while at the same time achieving the highest possible, economic benefit.

The company's own knowledge about the various technologies is the basis for the realisation of energy efficiency and environmental protection measures within the company. Anuga FoodTec provides this knowledge - in a comprehensive, industry-specific and needs-based manner.

Economy meets science. Research and development, product and process innovations create competitive advantages for the food industry. Visionaries and technology experts present and thematise research topics and scientific work, new technological approaches, innovative solutions and convey first-hand expertise. Whether research organisations, high schools, institutes, pioneers or start-ups: They are all providing ideas, specialised knowledge, prognoses and innovations about implementable cognitions and applications today that will change the food industry tomorrow.

In the cross-industry research and technology area of Anuga FoodTec, researchers, developers, technologists and investors come together to network. Competent exchange of experiences at the highest level.