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Environment and Energy

Anuga FoodTec Key topic Environment and Energy

The food industry is one of the largest industrial energy consumers. Due to the energy-intensive production processes, the energy costs in the food industry contribute significantly towards the cost of the final product. Whether with electricity, process heating, heating and district heating, cogeneration or trigeneration plants, cooling or compressed air: The provision has to go hand in hand with the highest supply reliability so that the industry's demand for high quality can be guaranteed. At the same time, the manufacturers of food and beverages are increasingly focusing on their own CO² balances. For an environmental-friendly, economic and sustainable energy management.

Corporate environmental protection is also an essential issue for the companies of the food industry. It is long since no longer just about complying with the legal requirements for the protection of humans, nature and the environment, but also about discovering and implementing attractive advantages. Whether waste water treatment and processing, waste disposal, air purification technologies or emission control: The aim of the food industry is to find strategies and technologies for implementing resources in intelligent cycles so that they remain intact long-term - while at the same time achieving the highest possible, economic benefit.

The company's own knowledge about the various technologies is the basis for the realisation of energy efficiency and environmental protection measures within the company. Anuga FoodTec provides this knowledge - in a comprehensive, industry-specific and needs-based manner.

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