Cologne: 23.–26.02.2027 #AnugaFoodTec2027

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Vorteile der Extrusion im Labormaßstab | Event on the Anuga FoodTec 2024

Advantages of Lab-scale Extrusion

from Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Food Processing, Science&Pion.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pfannkuchstr. 10-12
76185 Karlsruhe
Speakers Corner, Hall 10.1, F070/G081

The event

Twin-screw extrusion has emerged as a powerful tool for food scientists and engineers alike, providing a scalable and versatile solution for the creation of a myriad of food products. From snacks and cereals to confectionary and textured vegetable proteins as well as waste stream upcycling, the potential is limitless. This talk will delve into the fundamental principles that underpin twin-screw extrusion, exploring the machinery's design, functionality, and its role in manipulating raw ingredients.

The discussion will highlight the unique advantages of lab-scale twin-screw extrusion, offering attendees a glimpse into the world of experimentation and development. Discover how this technology facilitates precise control over temperature, pressure, and shear forces, allowing for the creation of tailor-made textures, shapes, and flavors. Witness firsthand how researchers are using this method to optimize formulations, enhance nutritional profiles, and produce innovative food products that meet the demands of modern consumers.

Furthermore, our speaker will share insights into the challenges and solutions associated with lab-scale twin-screw extrusion, addressing key considerations such as material selection, process parameters, and quality control. Attendees can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of how this technology accelerates product development cycles and minimizes waste, making it a sustainable choice for the future of food processing.


Process Application Specialist

Thermo Fisher Scientific