Cologne: 23.–26.02.2027 #AnugaFoodTec2027

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Wettbewerbsfähig im Hygienedesign | Event on the Anuga FoodTec 2024

Competitive in hygienic design

from NGI A/S
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Env.&Energy, Food Packaging, Food Processing, Safety&Analyt., Automation
Virkelyst 5
9400 Norresundby
Speakers Corner, Hall 10.1, F070/G081

The event

The hygienic manufacturing sector, integral to food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, is growing through a focus on hygienic design. This trend enhances food safety and optimizes resource use in cleaning processes, underscoring the importance of preventing contamination and improving efficiency

For both machine builders and food producing companies (users of the machines), it's crucial to stay ahead of trends like hygienic design. Embracing these trends is key to competitive advantage, ensuring efficient, safe, and sustainable production.

The hygienic manufacturing sector is navigating significant trends: embracing sustainability, responding to a competitive market, tackling chaotic supply chains, complying with evolving regulations, and undergoing digital transformation. These trends are reshaping the industry, demanding innovation, adaptability, and a focus on eco-friendly practices.

As a hygienic manufacturer, you can capitalize on these trends by investing in sustainable and hygienic technologies, strengthening supply chains, and embracing digitalization. Balancing regulatory compliance with innovation is key to staying ahead in a dynamic market.

The sector's future success hinges on embracing change. Leaders are urged to drive their organizations towards innovation, invest in emerging technologies, and cultivate a culture open to new ideas. Adapting to these trends not only ensures compliance and operational efficiency but also positions companies at the forefront of industry advancements.

NGI can facilitate, contribute and support both machine builders and End Users in regards to this - both with solutions, products, insights, knowledge sharing and much more.