Cologne: 23.–26.02.2027 #AnugaFoodTec2027

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DLG Open Innovation Showcase | Event on the Anuga FoodTec 2024

DLG Open Innovation Showcase

from Anuga FoodTec in co-operation with the German Agricultural Society (DLG e.V.)
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Anuga FoodTec in Kooperation mit DLG e.V.
Eschborner Landstrasse 122
60489 Frankfurt
Innovation Stage, Hall 5.2, C100/D119

The event

Here is where the food technology industry meets to solve some of the biggest challenges through successful collaboration between corporates and start-ups to bring big ideas to market faster. 

Learn from industry best practices of successful collaborations between corporates and start-ups and experience open innovation live and in action through the a one of a kind rapid prototyping competition for software developers and start-ups.

Panel Discussion:

How are start-ups producing the food of the future. Best practice examples from corporate and start-ups collaborations

Dr. Marie Brüser, Corporate Venture Manager, EIT Food CLC Central GmbH, Freising, Germany 

Marcus Stein, CEO, Wattron GmbH, Freital, Germany 

Gaëtan Kerloc'h, Head of Impact, Five Season Ventures, Paris, France 

Thomas Glaser, Program Manager THE MISSION Food, Futury GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 


Christopher Armstrong, Trade Fairs & Exhibitions, DLG Service GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany x GEA Challenge Paving the way to zero-freshwater for the dairy industry, Challenge Introduction – Final Pitches and Prize distribution

Production & manufacturing processes require the use of significant natural resources such as freshwater. GEA’s own zero-freshwater target for 2030 & achieving climate targets and ever-increasing regulations around freshwater consumption and waste disposal require new approaches. 


Minimizing freshwater consumption in the dairy industry. 

The Challenge: 

GEA is seeking innovative solutions that provide dairy plants with a comprehensive understanding of their water footprint. The concepts should highlight areas of water stress and waste in a holistic view of the entire cycle. Solutions should not only minimize freshwater usage but also contribute to sustainable water management practices. 


Follow-up contract develop the concept/prototype into an MVP together with GEA in 100 days. 

“The winning startup will not only receive recognition as a pioneer in dairy sustainability but will also have the opportunity for collaboration and implementation of their solution in real-world dairy plants. Additionally, there may be financial incentives and mentorship opportunities to support the startup’s growth and success in the dairy industry.” 

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DLG Service GmbH

Corporate Venture Manager

EIT Food

Program Manager

Futury GmbH

Head of Impact

Five Season Ventures