Cologne: 23.–26.02.2027 #AnugaFoodTec2027

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Podiumsdiskussion - Künstliche Intelligenz | Event on the Anuga FoodTec 2024

Panel discussion - Artificial intelligence

from Anuga FoodTec in co-operation with the German Agricultural Society (DLG e.V.)
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Anuga FoodTec in Kooperation mit DLG e.V.
Eschborner Landstrasse 122
60489 Frankfurt
Main Stage Responsibility, Hall 9, B080/C081

The event

AI is the number ones’ problem solver at the moment. Due to the very rapid development of artificial intelligence in recent years and months, the question arises: is AI safe at all and for what should we use AI and for what not? What is certain is that AI offers great potential and is already having an impact in the food industry. The possible applications are enormous. What effects does it have on quality assurance, product development and production control, etc.? What influence does it already have in the food industry today? And is AI an answer to the shortage of skilled workers and raw materials? Discuss the dangers and opportunities of this future technology together with experts. And critically examine what added value AI brings to the food industry.

Dr. Robert Reiche, Managing Consultant, CONET Solutions GmbH, Bonn, Germany

Dr.-Ing. Felix Flemming, Senior Vice President, Head of Digital, TOMRA Sorting GmbH, Germany

Marvin Worthmann, Research Assistant Enterprise Information Systems, Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS, Sankt Augustin, Germany


Dr. Klemens van Betteray, Vice president, CSB-System SE, Geilenkirchen, Germany

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organised by DLG e.V.
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Managing Consultant

CONET Solutions GmbH

Senior Vice President, Head of Digital

TOMRA Sorting GmbH

Research Assistant Enterprise Information Systems

Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS