Cologne: 19.–22.03.2024 #AnugaFoodTec2024

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DLG Food Congress on Sensor Technology and Sensory Assessment

Smart Sensory Solutions in Quality Assurance

Models of cooperation between instrumental analysis and human panels

Reformulation, food fraud and short product cycles: Analytical human sensory assessment is meanwhile juggling many topics. At the same time, the requirements for quality assurance are increasing due to growing time pressure and changing raw material suppliers. In this context, instrumental sensory technology offers valuable support especially in this field of activity.

Analysis on a high level

Its use is particularly practical in routine checks. Sensors, camera systems and texture analysis are established in the industry. But what's the current status for electronic noses? Is it worth it to use them in everyday production? And aroma analysis is currently making quantum leaps – despite the complexity of substances and the broad range of aromas.

Sensor technology 4.0 & smart teamworking

Develop your own individual solution strategy. Whether it's spectroscopy, inline measuring technology or new biological, cell-based gas sensors: We'll answer your urgent questions on the innovative applications:

  • What selectivity and sensitivity do I need for a measurement?
  • How high are the purchase costs?
  • Is the ratio of the work required for preparing samples relative to the result acceptable?
  • How do I integrate the data collected in the process control system?

And probably the most important challenge: The establishment of smart teamwork. What are the weak points in the human-machine interaction? What capabilities does only the human panel have?

Think tank

Our goal? To breathe new life into your everyday working life! Learn how smart tools can support your team. As an inspiration we'll present exciting research projects, new applications and, of course, best-practice examples. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of instrumental sensor technology together with the DLG pool of experts.

Rethink quality assurance together with us – and forget multitasking.