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The EEASY lid was the world's first aluminium lid for preserving jars. It is more sustainable than conventional steel lids, but just as durable. It was developed by CCT (Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT)) in Ohio (USA) and hit the shelves a good two years ago. It is currently sold in over 250 shops in the north-east of the USA – as well as in the EDEKA Kempken stores in Krefeld, Germany. CCT president Brandon Bach explains the advantages of the EEASY lid.

The patented EEASY lid is easy to use: Push, turn, open. ©CCT

The patented EEASY lid is easy to use: Push, turn, open. ©CCT

Mr. Bach, can you give some insight into who and what your company is and to which consumers your EEASY Lid packaging is addressed?

CCT is the maker of the EEASY Lid. A woman named Dawn Reall, a breast cancer survivor, is the inspiration behind the EEASY Lid. When Dawn was recovering from breast cancer surgery years ago, she went to CCT co-managing partner Pete Stodd and asked him why jars were not easier to open. Pete Stodd and Jim Bach then spent the next ~10 years researching and developing a solution: the EEASY Lid.

This simple innovation is life changing for anyone who struggles to open jars, but especially those dealing with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or other ailments. It also greatly benefits those recovering from surgical procedures or simply just getting older – anyone that just struggles to open a vacuum sealed jar.

The EEASY lid helps brand manufacturers to make their food in jars more accessible. Inclusive products like the EEASY Lid are becoming increasingly important to meet the needs of diverse customer bases and to stand out from the competition.

A 2021 study by North Cliff Consultants, Inc. compared ease-of-use of the EEASY Lid versus a traditional lud jar lid; 100% of consumers said the EEASY Lid was easy to open, and 95% of consumers said the EEASY Lid met their needs compared to the traditional lid.

How does the EEASY Lid work? What means the double ‘E’ in the name?

The patented EEASY Lid is easy to use. Consumers are able to release the vacuum seal on a jar by simply pressing a button on the lid, reducing the amount of torque needed to twist off the lid by up to 50%. Just push, twist and open.

Hundreds of patents have been filed working to find a solution to the problem of hard-to-open lids, but CCT is the first company to have successfully invented a new product to change the world’s view of opening jars.

The double “E” represents how the patented lid is up to 50% easier to open and remove than standard lids on the market.

Does the system work only with aluminium, or with tin lids too? And what is the material for the sealing ring?

When designing the EEASY Lid, CCT originally wanted to add a button to existing lids of steel or tin plate. CCT tried roughly 40 different scoring methods, but when the tin material was exposed to acidic products like pickles or sauces, it corroded.

CCT solved the issue, but doing so made the production line for the lid 2-3 times longer. CCT decided that instead of adding benefits to an existing closure system, it was going to disrupt the marketplace with a new product.

The EEASY Lid is the world’s first aluminum lug jar lid. It is more sustainable than traditional steel lids but is just as durable. The sustainability features of the EEASY Lid are another benefit of the product for grocers and brands looking to elevate their products and attract new customers.

The aluminum EEASY Lid can be recycled over and over without losing quality. The EEASY Lid is used on glass jars, which are also recyclable. The EEASY Lid is also 57% lighter than traditional steel jar lids, which translates to lower supply chain costs, fewer carbon emissions and increased efficiency.

The sealing material is the same product utilized in current tinplate lids. It can be either PVC Plastisol or PVC free liner.

How can consumers or the shop-stuff recognize if a jar has already been opened? (i.e., food safety)

The EEASY Lid provides the packaging protection that food brands and manufacturers need to ensure the highest quality, safety and integrity of their products.

A safety ring on the EEASY Lid shows customers if the lid’s button has been pressed. When a jar is vacuum sealed, the safety ring will be in a down position; when the vacuum is released, the safety ring will flex up and down.

Safety is very important to CCT. In addition to the safety ring to show if a product has been opened, rigorous testing by the Cornell University Department of Food Science has confirmed that the EEASY Lid ensures the stability of food products hot-filled into glass containers and that the EEASY Lid provides a stable and airtight seal.

Are there already other clients in Germany/Europe for the system other than EDEKA Kempken?

The EEASY Lid is currently available on EDEKA Kempken’s tomato-basil flavor of its in-house private label pasta sauce in select stores in Krefeld, Germany. This allows the family business to provide quality, accessible products to its customers.

CCT partners with Germany-based Trade Consult to help expand the EEASY Lid’s presence within the European marketplace; CCT is in talks with multiple brands and manufacturers in Europe as the company works to expand EEASY Lid availability to consumers.

CCT president Brandon Bach

CCT president Brandon Bach. ©CCT