Cologne: 23.–26.02.2027 #AnugaFoodTec2027

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New Generation SeamTec | Exhibitor on the Anuga FoodTec 2024

New Generation SeamTec

The New Generation SeamTec seamer is a highly efficient solution for can sealing and handling, with features like powder spill prevention, gentle handling, and quick change-over capabilities. Its hygienic design eliminates exposed lubricants and minimizes foreign particle generation, ensuring efficient and clean can sealing processes.

The New Generation SeamTec offers several features for efficient can sealing and handling: it prevents powder spillage by halting can rotation when there is no cover, ensuring rotation only starts when a cover is pressed.
Careful and gentle can handling is another important feature. It incorporates a synchronized can stop turret made of a flexible synthetic material and an in-feed scroll, ensuring a delicate in-feed and transfer process.
Operational efficiency is also a key focus, with the SeamTec seamer offering quick change-over capabilities, allowing swift can and cover format changes without separate roll adjustments. Color-coded parts and on-screen settings enhance user-friendly operation, and format change parts are equipped with locating pins for fail-safe change-over.
The seamer boasts a superior hygienic design, with visible inspection points, transparent guarding with optional LED lighting, and ViwateQ stainless steel surface treatment to cut down powder adhesion. To enhance hygiene, an optional foreign particle prevention system minimizes foreign particle generation during seaming and prevents particles from falling into open cans.

The design eliminates exposed lubricants, featuring a closed oil lubrication system for the seaming head, dry lifters, and a unique dry spindle and knock-out design to prevent oil leakage. Ceramic bearings and unexposed greasing nozzles provide automatic lubrication in the right dosage. Cans transfer using a non-lubricated in-feed scroll instead of a chain.
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