Cologne: 23.–26.02.2027 #AnugaFoodTec2027

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Unifiller | Exhibitor on the Anuga FoodTec 2024


The JBT Unifiller is an advanced food processing technology known for its precision, efficiency, and unique features like automatic Clean-In-Place (CIP) without disassembly. With a seal-less design and self-draining fill stations, it offers unparalleled fill accuracy, easy cleaning, and exceptional product flexibility. Its versatile design handles a wide range of products, including those with particles, and ensures high accuracy, minimal waste, and gentle handling.
The Unifiller stands out for its user-friendly operation, fast change-over, and consistent headspace for trouble-free in-container sterilization.

The JBT Unifiller is an advanced technology designed for food processors, offering high-quality and precise filling with efficient product change-over and an automated Clean-In-Place (CIP) procedure that doesn't require disassembly of fill stations. It stands out as a volumetric filler with distinctive features, including the absence of seals and a self-draining fill station concept.

Key features and benefits include high filling accuracy, suitability for high fill temperatures, flexibility with various products and containers, fast change-over, user-friendly operation, and consistent headspace for trouble-free in-container sterilization.

The Unifiller excels in product versatility, handling both low and high viscosity products with particles, whether cold or hot filled. The Unifiller concept also offers flexibility in product and fill volume, accommodating a wide range of applications such as liquid dairy products, jams, fruit juices with particles, canned pet food, non-carbonated beverages, sauces, dressings, condiments, nutritional drinks, and canned ready meals and soups. The fill stations range from 100 cc to 1,500 cc, allowing customization for different applications and line speeds.
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