Cologne: 23.–26.02.2027 #AnugaFoodTec2027

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DCC Steamer | Exhibitor on the Anuga FoodTec 2024

DCC Steamer

The FTNON Dynamic Cloud Control (DCC) Steamer is an energy-efficient steaming technology designed to reduce steam consumption by up to 90%. The main advantage of using steam is its ability to rapidly heat produce, leading to faster sanitization without causing damage. This results in improved shelf life, color, aroma, and flavor of the produce.

Key Features and Benefits:

o   Optimal heat transfer for efficient steaming.

o   Quick start-up time, ready for production in five minutes.

o   Minimal steam required for start-up.

o   Automatic steam regulation ensures no steam when no product is present.

o   Energy-efficient system.

o   Minimal loss of product color.

o   Preserves nutrients and vitamins without flushing them out.

o   Generates minimal waste water (only condensate).

o   No need for exhaust systems.

o   Reduced cleaning time due to top hygienic design and a liftable hood.

The DCC concept relies on the density difference between atmospheric steam and air, creating a balanced 100% steam atmosphere automatically. Operating at 98-100°C (208-212°F) due to atmospheric pressure, steam demand is based on product temperature and capacity.

Applications of the DCC Steamer include improving shelf life and enhancing organoleptic properties such as taste, bite, smell, and texture. Additionally, it can be used for enzyme inactivation, bacterial elimination, compression of cooking time, product quality improvement, starch gelatinization, sanitizing/disinfection, and thawing.

Advantages of the DCC technology encompass optimal heat transfer, minimal start-up time, automatic steam regulation, energy efficiency, minimal product color loss, preservation of nutrients, minimal wastewater generation, and the absence of exhaust systems, resulting in reduced cleaning time.
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