Cologne: 23.–26.02.2027 #AnugaFoodTec2027

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Top theme of Anuga FoodTec: Responsibility

The suppliers of the food and beverage industries are strongly committed to environmental themes and the preservation of resources

What is it about?

Responsibility sends a clear signal for the entire food and beverage industries: the supplier industry and its leading international trade fair are addressing current and future challenges and are committed to accepting their responsibility as part of the entire production, packaging and logistics process. The overarching theme will be emphasised across all areas of the trade fair, be adopted by the exhibitors and reflected in the congress and event programme.

Addressing new challenges together

"Responsibility" is a central concern for the globally active supplier industry, reinforced by the facts that the industry is responsible for around 20 % of worldwide consumption of energy and fresh water and that a considerable quantity of the food produced remains unused. In the face of the parallel challenges that 800 million people are going hungry every day while an equally large number are overweight or obese, this commitment increases in urgency. Millions of people are employed in this industry, underlining the immense societal responsibility we bear as a collective.

Anuga FoodTec 2024 and the future of production

Anuga FoodTec 2024 is shifting the focus of attention to the future of food production with the top theme of "Responsibility". It illuminates how sustainability and responsibility can be reinforced in the industry in order to improve the food supply system and increase supply security worldwide. The focus is on current challenges like sustainable packaging, food safety, quality control and innovative, environmentally-friendly approaches. Many exhibitors present methods for more efficient use of energy and water as well as for the multiple usage of process water. They also provide insight into the reformulation of products and the development of plant-based and cultivated foods.

Long-term thinking

The supplier industry for food and beverage producers is not only committed to cost savings but also to the compatibility of their processes with environment and climate. This reflects an industry orientation not only seeking short-term success but also acting holistically and sustainably.

Responsibility also means that the manufacturers of food products and beverages work together with their suppliers on concepts and strategies for the responsible use of resources. The sustainable procurement within the food supply chain and responsibility with regard to the environment and the people that live and work in it remain central concerns. The supplier industry engages actively in the process of responsible economising within the entire food chain with innovations and continuing development.

"The food and beverage industries are system-relevant in many respects. They are thereby dependent upon the power of innovation of the suppliers, and themselves repeatedly call for solutions and new ideas for adapting their products and processes to present requirements. The supplier industry also sets the highest goals for itself in order to meet its responsibility. Anuga FoodTec will demonstrate this, discuss it and develop it further together with all participants."

Matthias Schlüter
Director der Anuga FoodTec